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Introducing RocPest's Bed Bug Solution - Your Passport to a Pest-Free Paradise

First and foremost, say goodbye to those bed bug covers on your mattress or box spring. We won’t be the ones to remove or replace them, nor do we guarantee their safety during our treatment. These covers are nothing but a roadblock on the path to a bug-free haven. They must stay away until your home is absolutely bed bug-free to ensure future prevention.

We have one golden rule when it comes to any pest control dust or powdered products applied by homeowners: clean it all up entirely before we start our treatment. It’s a bit like setting the stage for our bug-battling performance.

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Bid Farewell to Bed Bug Covers

Those bed bug covers on your mattress or box spring? They've got to go. We won't take them off or cover any damages, but trust us, they're no good for our treatment. Keep them tucked away until your home is absolutely bed bug-free for future peace of mind.

Beware of DIY Dust and Powder

If you've applied any pest control dust or powders yourself, make sure to clean them up completely before our treatment.

Wardrobe Cleanse

Empty out your dresser drawers and give those clothes a good wash and dry. If you can, toss them in a high-heat dryer cycle for at least 30 minutes. Be gentle with delicate items.

Clear the Tables

Bid adieu to the items on your end tables by the bed and those near your couch and chairs.

Under-Bed and Closet Clear-Out

Everything stashed under your beds and at the bottom of your closets, take it out. If you've got any cardboard lying around that you don't need, it's a bug haven, so toss it.

Curtain Call

If it's possible, remove your drapes and give them a good wash and dry.

Furniture Standoff

Please don't play furniture shuffler. Leave your furniture, beds, and frames right where they are.

Temporary Escape

After we've applied our pest control, take a little break – leave your home for at least 4 hours.

Post-Treatment Patience

When you return, hold off for at least 4 days after the second treatment before you start putting your stuff back into the drawers and on those end tables.

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